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You don't know banksy

He is known for his brilliant graffiti, which has been left on the streets of many cities around the world. Various critical themes, such as anti-war, counter-terrorism and anti-fascist, are abundant in his works, and he is known as "the terrorist of art". But it's also the wit, wit and metaphor that make graffiti an artistic expression that can be appreciated and accepted around the world. Young britons once voted Banksy the country's greatest artist.

Sotheby's evening auction on a picture just for 1.042 million pounds (approximately renminbi 9.39 million) the auction of the painting the Girl with a Balloon "in the hammer moment suddenly start self-destruct program immediately turned into a string of" waste "caused great sensation, this work has been voted Britain's most popular works of art in 2017 the author is a" genius, "said the British graffiti artist Banksy.
No one knows who Banksy really is. Time once named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, but he only submitted a photo of himself wearing a shopping bag over his head.

Some said it was a landmark performance art work, while others said it was a publicity stunt. But whether it's performance art or hype, Banksy has achieved its goal of expressing the rebellious spirit of artists who are not subject to art market manipulation, while maximizing its dissemination. Banksy's rebellious spirit comes from the graffiti art he has been doing, because the art form itself is born for rebellion, which is the individual monologue of the repressed or voiceless. This kind of rebellion shock shows a kind of very free spirit strength, which is the deep reason why it is widely loved by people.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the signature graffiti on the New York subway was the most famous, and its style spread to all parts of the world and blended with local customs and traditions. This period was also the golden age of the New York subway graffiti. Then, under the influence of the high alert environment, the subway graffiti began to gradually disappear, and in 1989, with the last graffiti train out of service, the subway graffiti era in New York City came to an end. In 1982, graffiti was arrested for cleaning subway cars, but it didn't take long for graffiti to spread around the world. People use graffiti to protest against the system, express their dissatisfaction, vent their emotions and accuse the society. Like a virus that does not require words or words, it is spreading rapidly among young people around the world.

Graffiti originated in the United States, and began to spread to Europe in the 1980s. More and more graffiti writers began to cooperate with galleries, and graffiti culture gradually reached its true golden age in the development. About Graffiti also from the earliest Graffiti development to have the form of Wild Style, Realistic, Stickers, Cartoon Style in the form of fashion culture.

Living graffiti works can not only express the artist's thoughts, but also light up the scenery of a city, so that people living here can be infected every time they pass by. That's one of the reasons banksy is the greatest graffiti artist of all time.

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