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Art - green leaves growing out of dust

Art comes from life, but higher than life, we live in the law of the track, lonely is a shadow, empty is a shadow, monotonous is a shadow. Together they were still a huge black figure, held at each man's feet, which followed wherever you went.

Art - the sacred civilian, it is in everyone's heart, and the shadow hostile. It grows leaves in the dust, grows branches in the waste water, and calls the sun. It was a wonderful spiritual experience, hazy, chaotic, fresh and beautiful. There is no difference between good and evil, and this boundary is unreasonable. Art leads us to love and to pity the world.

Art is general. It is based on everything, so there is no category of art. They are connected in many ways. (in the words of rimbau, "spiritual" communion) and cause widespread, conscious or unconscious dislocation. But the generality comes from individuality (seeking the self, and drinking the poison to preserve its own essence) all of which add up to make the petals of an artistic profusion. The creator of art will reach the "unknown"! To nurture a soul that is richer than any other! This is when the age of artistic sameness comes (if it is born visible, give it form). If it is not set, let it be.) thought, illusion, consciousness, form, will make art (fragrance, tone, color, language, from and for the soul, to collide, to radiate).

All the senses of art are of the same consciousness, attached to poetry (poetry in its broad sense). It fell from the sky (strange) and came from the ground (familiar). It is the re-observation, re-recognition, re-embodiment of our lives, and it creates a second sense, which is more inclined to the truth (truth in a broad sense). The artist observes the invisible, listens to the silent, rearranges and clears them, leaves traces, and gives life and life a second life. It's the sleepwalking of the night's watch (I don't know if that metaphor is a bit promiscuous). Stand in the outer space of your life and separate from your dreams. Art is a large system of symphonies, each piece is slow, The artist is a bird (in a stormy sky and a frantic fluttering banner), rising or sinking in flight.

The figurative and abstract aspects of art. (synesthesia in art) in general, expressive imagery is used to abstract ideas. The form is just a shell. What we need is an egg white and an egg yolk. Therefore, li zehou, a famous aesthetician who is both figurant and abstract, once wrote an explanation on such a low-level problem as whether he could understand obscure poetry or not. After college training and social training, people are more inclined to recognize the figurative works, but question and even resist the abstract works. This is unwise.

The diversity of art. A thousand morning glories do not bloom like a hundred flowers, nor ten thousand cocks crow like a hundred schools of thought contend. Derivative diversification is different from single branch diversification. If we try to develop "diversity" in a single branch, we run the risk that the single branch is inherently wrong. Art has the spirit of Olympian, its content is infinite, the discussion is inexhaustible, this is the most "beautiful" art itself. Just as I get goose bumps today when I hear "love" in a song, it is love that has been defined and changed beyond recognition. We don't want every city to be New York, or old Rome. If the world is so monotonous, it will suffocate. Art is like a whole body of prickly pear to the outside of the launch, give a person with myriad feelings, let the soul stimulated. Or they can be compared in terms of vocabulary and semantics.

The public aesthetic consciousness is led by the minority. He acted as a cultural conductor. Art is not industrial production, not commercial accumulation, not limited to sensory impact. Art is at best a workshop, not a FACTORY, reduced to assembly-line work, reduced to infinite distribution. Modern art, not art, prevails, and the victims are the public, but the public does not know it. In front of these "arts", I choose not to speak and not to choose how to speak. Maybe art needs enlightenment, but we can't live with fake art all our lives.

The possibility of art. Art did not evolve, and it did so in a dubious way. Groups with intellectual disabilities, gifted children, and neurotics create art that is recognized and resonated by ordinary people. Regardless of the layout rendering fine carving fine pecking, the possibilities of art are endless. In subject matter, in technique, in conception, in belief... Discovery. Novelists seek the possibility of narrative, artists and musicians create factions. It has no point of reference, just as it has no direction in space. All possibilities bring us surprises. Mona Lisa's smile is not good? Good, but bad to be an authority. Are Shakespeare's plays good? Ok, but it's not good for everyone to write plays that way. Is Beethoven's music high or low? High, but as the highest is not high. We forever "have a look two eyes aim three", a word, greedy. Art rejects the "best." I live to see the better. If the "best" comes out, there is nothing to live for.

So I live --
I am proud to have been born in this world. I have lived without desertion for the sight of art.

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